What Makes a Good Driver?


Next in the series of “What makes a good driver?” is skill. At All Ways School of Motoring we will teach you the skills necessary to make you a skilful driver. We provide driving lessons in Aldershot, Ash, Normandy, Bentley, Heath End, Weybourne, Tongham, Frimley, Frimley Green, Church Crookham and Crondall.
You make for a better driver if you can change gears smoothly. Not only will this make for a more comfortable ride but you will also put less wear and tear on your car.
Similarly when accelerating, cornering and braking you will want to your passengers to enjoy the ride and not be thrown all over the place. Maybe when you first learn to drive that is how you did things. However by the time you are at test standard you will want everything to be nice and smooth.
Try and drive like a chauffeur. Imagine you are driving a VIP about and they want the best and smoothest ride possible. Try stopping at the side of the road and being able to pull up so that you can hardly feel the car stopping.
Take that on another step and try cornering so that the passengers aren’t thrown about in their seats or lurching forward. The position of your car when entering a corner, the correct speed on approach and being in the right gear are all important for a smooth drive. That doesn’t mean that every corner is taken at a snail’s pace, it means that you get the balance right for the bend. The general rule of thumb is slow in quick out. However that is only easy when you mastered the controls well. It is a fine line between getting it right or wrong. I’m sure that you have seen cars buried into the side of the road. Very rarely is it the cars fault, most times it’s the fault of the driver, who hasn’t the required skill or competence to drive correctly.
It is very hard to become a skilful driver overnight. It sometimes takes many years to master. Some people will never manage to achieve good skill even after a lifetime of driving.

All Ways School of Motoring will teach you to master the controls correctly. Don’t just simply look to pass your driving test. Try to impress the examiner that you have good control of your vehicle. We provide driving lessons in and around; Farnham, Farnborough, Ash Green, Dippenhall, Lower Bourne, Elstead, Badshot Lea, Mytchett, Fleet and Eweshot.

All Ways Driving School offer driving lessons in Aldershot at an affordable price.


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  1. Rebecca on July 17th, 2011 4:54 pm

    Thanks for the blog. Some very useful information.

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