What Makes a Good Driver?


So we’re progressing through our list of “what makes a good driver?” Your driving lessons are there as a guide to give you the basic skills needed to be able to drive on the roads unaided. Remember that it takes many years and many thousands of miles before you may consider yourself a good driver. All Ways School of Motoring provide driving lessons in Aldershot, Eweshot, Crondall, Farnborough, Ash, Church Crookham, Ash Green, Fleet, Normandy, Dippenhall, Frimley Green, Bentley, Frimley, Mytchett, Lower Bourne, Tongham, Heath End, Elstead, Badshot Lea and Weybourne.

When we talk about knowledge we are talking about the highway code.
Learner drivers and people who have passed their test in the last year or so will have a good understanding of the highway code. Especially as the highway code is part of the theory test. However what about people who have passed their driving test 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. Not only does the highway code change from time to time but also can you really remember everything you learned all those years ago? Do you own a current version of the highway code? If not then go out and buy one today.

Lets see how much of the Highway Code you can remember.

What is the difference between a triangular sign and a circular one?

What are the four colours used on motorway studs and what do they all mean?

What should a driver do if they see something dangerous fall from a vehicle or indeed their own vehicle?

How should you re-join a motorway after your vehicle has broken down on the hard shoulder and subsequently been repaired?

Ask your driving instructor about any questions to do with the highway code if you don’t understand anything. Driving lessons are not just about the ability to drive but also about your knowledge of the laws of driving.

All Ways Driving School offer driving lessons in Aldershot at an affordable price.


One Response to “What Makes a Good Driver – Knowledge”

  1. Hillary Green on January 23rd, 2012 6:28 am

    I wonder how many people own an up to date copy of the hignway code? More importantly how many read it?

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