What Makes a Good Driver?


We have already looked at some of the requirement’s to be a good driver. Next in our series is Attitude. All Ways School of Motoring will teach you that having the right attitude will help you to drive safely for the rest of your life. So that when you’re on your own driving around Aldershot you will do so safely.

Anyone can learn to be a good driver in the sense of passing a driving test. However it’s what you do with that ability once you have passed. Will you continue to drive safely once your parents or your driving instructor isn’t sat next to you? Will you continue to practice the good driving habits that you have been taught?

Unfortunately attitude cannot be measured by the examiner. In fact the pupils with the most natural ability are the ones more likely to crash once they have passed. The reason being is that because they have good driving skills and bags of confidence, they are more likely to take risks and drive too fast once they have passed. In fact after many years of teaching I have noticed that any pupil who has become a boy racer since they passed their test has always crashed their car. As an instructor you hear through the grapevine about former pupils who have decided that fast is fun will sooner rather than later crash their car. If you talk to them they will always have a good excuse about; they were unlucky or a car pulled out in front of them or there was black ice. However the fact that they decide to forget what they have been told and drive too fast and too reckless is ultimately the reason they have crashed.

It takes many years of experience to be able to drive well. Don’t feel that once you have passed your driving test that you will be able to speed around the streets of Aldershot like Jenson Button.

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3 Responses to “What Makes A Good Driver – Attitude”

  1. Frustrated Driver on December 18th, 2011 7:21 pm

    The other day I was turning right at a mini roundabout when a car from the left pulled straight out across my path. Luckily I always make good observations at junctions and as a result avoided the accident. I tooted my horn to warn the other driver of my presence. His response was to raise his middle finger as if it was me in the wrong!! He was only young so probably hadn’t passed that long ago. I wonder where he got his attitude from.

  2. Jude on February 12th, 2012 11:51 pm

    My dog ate a man’s hat last week. When the man complained I told him to get lost. He told me he didn’t like my attitude. I said it wasn’t my “‘at he chewed” it was yours 😉 tee hee

  3. Mini Driver on March 12th, 2012 1:41 pm

    What I find is that people pigeon hole you depending on what car you drive. I drive a mini and find I get tooted if I dare to breathe, let alone pull out in front of someone.

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