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Driving lessons in Badshot Lea and also neighbouring areas by All Ways Driving School with your instructor Peta Taylor. I will provide you with fully qualified instructor who will take every lesson at your own speed. I aim to make every lesson of value for you to permit you quickly and safely turn into an effective new driver.

I am focused on coaching beginner drivers to realize a first time pass and to continue to drive correctly for all times. I mainly take pleasure in taking scared learners and supporting them to triumph over their fears and then attain their desires. My lessons are tailor made to match the person, and everyone learns at their pace.

I am an associate of 3 Counties Professional Driving Instructors Association, and frequently perform CPD courses, the newest being in training techniques.

I offer one to one lessons, on hourly or two hourly lessons. Rate reductions are readily available for 5 and 10 hr block bookings.

I am a registered Pass Plus instructor and additionally registered with the Hampshire County Council Pass Plus Scheme.

In addition, I deliver lessons in motorway driving. Motorway driving is not something you can do as a learner. As a result many individuals haven’t ever acquired the skills necessary to drive on the country’s fastest roads. The idea of it for many might be frightening and so some people avoid driving on the motorway at any cost. With safe instruction from me personally I’m able to build your self-belief to help you to grasp the skill sets required.

Badshot Lea

Badshot Lea is a village that is half-way between Farnham and Aldershot in the county of Surrey. The boundaries to the village have been traditionally four bridges, one is over a stream and the other three over railway lines. The village has a long history with remains dating back to over ten thousand years ago. In 1967 a local man discovered the remains of a Neolithic burial mound.

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  • Pass Plus

    • On completion of your driving test, you can further improve your driving with pass plus. Pass plus can also reduce the premiums on your insurance.

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Pass plus is aimed at new drivers to improve their driving ability further after they have passed their driving test.
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