Saudi Women Fight For Right To Drive

June 26, 2012

Saudi Women Fight For Right To Drive

Equality for women campaigner in Saudi, Manal al-Shariff, has written and published an open letter to the Saudi head of state stating her expectations to permit females in Saudi Arabia to drive. Her crusade has taken place over the last 12 months throughout Saudi.

She is asking The King of Saudi Arabia for women with a foreign licence to be able to drive a car in the Middle Eastern country. She recently posted videos on the web of herself driving in the Saudi Arabia city of Khobar.

Manal composed her letter on the first anniversary of the campaign “Women to Drive”. The correspondence comes within 24 hours of thousands of Saudi women who signed a petition to support female drivers to mark the first anniversary of the beginning of the Women to Drive campaign, which lead to Mrs Sharif’s public arrest.

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz began his rule in 2005 & he has done a lot to improve womens rights. Mrs Sharif said that stopping Saudi women from driving was more to do with Saudi traditions and not religious beliefs.

In the last 12 months the king allowed women in the country the right to vote and the right to vote in national elections. The campaign continues and females in Saudi Arabia will keep on looking for equality not only in being allowed to drive.

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Parallel Parking Can Be Difficult for Drivers

April 22, 2012

Parallel Parking Can Be Difficult for Drivers

Parking is one thing a large number of drivers find a dilemma. The truth is, in keeping with a new study, 1 out of 10 car owners refrain from executing it entirely with 1 in 5 seldom attempting reverse parking.

Probably it is actually wrongly believed that when drivers have passed their driving test they’re supposed to manage every aspect of motoring from motorways to icy roads. Yet the fact is that numerous motorists battle with the ordinary elements of driving. One other fascinating fact is that 57 per cent confess to making an attempt at a reverse park and abandoning to locate somewhere else after not being able to do it.

“One essential requirement would be to keep practicing” according to Peter Skelton of Peter Skelton Driving School. “I used to live and work in London which meant parallel parking inside the smallest of places and it really improved my skills.”

The parallel park didn’t become part of test until 1991 and for that reason there is quite a large group of drivers who have not perfected the skill. Incredibly studies have revealed that it is the much younger drivers who happen to be more prone to keep away from parking entirely which could raise the question of the effectiveness of the parallel park as it is taught for the test which involves parking the car behind another car and finishing the manoeuvre with no more than a car length gap between your vehicle and the other vehicle ahead of you. In the real world you have to reverse park between two other motor vehicles into a much smaller gap.

Motorists spend on average five minutes looking to park their car before giving up. 15 per cent take as much as 17 minutes with 1% taking an astounding 30 minutes. There are also several motorists who state that they will possibly ask their spouse, a friend and occasionally a total stranger to park a car on their behalf.

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Buying Bentleys – China Tops the League Table

April 9, 2012

Buying Bentleys – China Tops the League Table

The Bentley car has recently become the chosen mode of transport of footballers. Having said that, the timeless and luxurious automobile has also turned into a rich symbol in China, the
place where considerably more Bentleys were sold than any other region in the world.

It’s the very first time that China has lead the league table and is a sign of the awesome development evident in China. The producers of the traditionally British car point out that they sold 574 of the 1,760 motor vehicles in the first 3 months of 2011 to China with 464 being sold to people in North America. The total sales of the car rose 45 per cent with the market in China increasing 83 per cent.

Fewer than 12 yrs ago there were no Bentleys distributed in China with merely a handful being sold in Hong Kong. Then again these days there are plenty of wealthy Chinese that can pay the £210,000 selling price.

The brand is actually owned by Volkswagen with vehicles manufactured in the town of Crewe by a loyal workforce. The Bentleys continue to be considered as synonymous with wonderful British craftsmanship and have been James Bonds most desirable car.

The motor car lured a multitude of people at the Motor Show in China and pulled in a lot of fascination from millionaires. The bosses of Bentley claims that their consumers admire the finest workmanship and excellent engineering. The car symbolizes a combination of remarkable performance and wonderful quality.

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579,000 Miles of Motoring Throughout 46 Yrs

April 5, 2012

579,000 Miles of Motoring Throughout 46 Yrs

A lady from Florida drove her car for the last time after motoring upwards of 46 years and driving more than 576,000 miles. The 93 year old woman drove her much loved “Chariot” for the last time that’s held up by way of 16 new batteries and three marriage breakdowns.

Rachel Veitch purchased the Mercury Comet Caliente in ’66 for $3,289 and willingly decided to end driving since she actually is now recorded as blind. She announced that she had no intension of driving any more.

She possessed a lot of commitment to the Caliente such that every time she refuelled she made a note of the recorded miles and the date and determined how many miles to the gallon the car obtained. She boasts never to be a harmful individual and has always taken care of every little thing that she bought.

She has no plans to passing on her motor vehicle to her family knowing that her four children, nine grandchildren and 11 great grand children would not cherish the vehicle like she has done. Instead she plans to sell it off once it takes part in a antique motor car display in a couple of months time.

She does nevertheless contemplate selling the vehicle to the chat show host Jay Leno who’s a classic motor vehicle lover. She has never spoken with the chat show host but has pondered if he’d like to purchase it.

Car driver Irv Gordon holds the record for the most miles driven in his own 1966 Volvo P1800 which by ’97 had clocked up 1.67 million miles. Estimates now reckon he has probably driven around 2.9 million miles in the same motor vehicle.

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Ban High Heels When Driving

March 31, 2012

Ban High Heels When Driving

Experts want to put a stop to females who wear high heel shoes when driving. The charity for safer driving “Brake” is arguing for a total ban on platforms, wedges and stilettos. I’m wondering precisely how this will be recieved on lessons with my female students around Aldershot?

The charity stated that the trend of wearing the highest of high heels may lead to considerable accidents and advised motorists to stop the absuridity. There’s a concern that quite a few female drivers have such little regard for their and other people’s lives. Driving a car is one area that has got to be taken seriously.

A survey learned that close to 37 Percent of females drive in high heel shoes. In addition, it found that around 35% of female motorists like to drive in a pair of flip flops with about 15% preferring to drive in their bare feet. 20 Percent revealed that they’re happy to drive in their slippers and merely 34% declared that they only drive in prudent footwear.

It is not just the ladies who are required to check out their driving attire. 20% of male motorists would drive in bear feet, 10 Percent drive in slippers and 29 Percent of men are happy to drive a car in flip flops. Very good news though is 51% declare that they normally don good shoes or trainers.

It is suggested that you should keep a pair of good shoes in the boot of the vehicle at all times. If you wouldn’t wear a particular form of shoe for the car driving test then you definately should not put it on for your everyday driving.

Even more incredible is that 11 Percent of female drivers drive even when they apply make-up and 14% of males shave while motoring. It’s so simple to see your car as your office or bathroom but bear in mind it takes merely a lapse of attention for an accident to occur.

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Petrol Hits a Record High of 140p a Litre

March 26, 2012

Petrol Hits a Record High of 140p a Litre

Merely a couple of days following the Chancellor declined to stop a diesel and petrol price rise, and five months in advance before it kicks in, fuel prices are more expensive than ever. Bad news for drivers around Aldershot and the rest of the country. The cost of petrol has for the first time passed £1.40 per litre – it is now 140.20p per litre – and diesel is even higher at a record 146.72p per litre.

Driving groups were disgusted at the soaring expense of motoring and fear that by the end of summer the charge will probably have risen further to 150p a litre, a raise in excess of 12 per cent since the start of the year. In the last three weeks alone, gasoline costs have, according to the Automobile Association that unveiled the stats, increased 2.75 p per litre. At the beginning of this year the standard cost of petrol stood at 132.28p per litre.

The consequences with the price growth involve additional problems balancing finances for households, which are already under stress, and the probable additional effect of rises for a range of other products as companies attempt to handle higher haulage prices. On Tuesday the government opposed demands to drop or delay September’s scheduled petrol duty price increase by 3p.

A spokesperson for RAC said: “A figure of £1.40 a litre is a substantial price for motorists to have to pay out and presently there isn’t an end in sight to increasing fuel prices. How things are going the projected price increase might find average fuel costs reach £1.50-a-litre mark, that will take increasingly more individuals, who require their vehicles, off the road.

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Exclusive Motorways – Good or Bad

March 23, 2012

Exclusive Motorways – Good or Bad

So how would you like to invest in a motorway? The wonderful and rounded M25 may well be to your liking or you may prefer the stunning and sleeker M1 which may be much more desirable. Either way the government has reported they are deciding on selling of the key road networks in the country to investors. This statement has been greeted with mixed responses. How could the government put up for sale something which doesn’t belong to them in the first place? Surely we have paid for the motorways with our taxes?

In the past the very first road tax was generally known as Road Fund Licence and originated in 1909 by David Lloyd George as a technique of boosting revenue particularly for UK roads. Today the duty is called Vehicle Excise Duty.

Similar to National Insurance, that has been created to fund welfare, the money raised as a result of Vehicle Excise Duty have become yet another way of boosting taxes for other things. One estimate claims that around £45 billion is collected yearly through road tax yet only around £11 billion is actually used maintenance and new roads.

The only way drivers are going to be swayed to say yes to selling off the motorways or privatised lanes is a lowering of Vehicle Excise Duty. The commercial advantages for the privitisation could possibly be validated with the intention to help the economic climate. Nevertheless the political factors are likely to be very hard to take in.

An investigation in 2009 claimed that this government could very well raise up to £94 billion with this sale. Road businesses would bid to control and in addition maintain stretches of the network. One model of the program would see the British government carrying out maintenance on the road networks with another, more controversial, system using tolls.

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Dodge Those Speeding Points And Face Prison

March 20, 2012

Dodge Those Speeding Points And Face Prison

The police are prosecuting a lot of people who wrongly take the blame for jumping red lights and speeding fines. Ask your Aldershot driving instructor for more information. People do this as they falsely think that it is only a moderate offense. Nonetheless it allows unsafe motorists to avoid being banned. Thereby people supporting these speeders may well face going to jail.

In one case one person was imprisoned for around six yrs after he assisted 700 speeding motorists to avoid fines. The person was a part of a group who assist individuals from not paying fines. About 5 gangs have been looked at in the past two years with the police force imprisoning both the driver and the assistant.

That type of criminal offense is rising fast. Police have informed people that they can expect going to jail instead of receiving a £60 penalty and occuring a three penalty points on his or her licence. When a car is caught on camera, possibly jumping red lights or exceeding the speed limit, a letter is posted to the car owner asking them who had been driving the vehicle at the time. The car owner sometimes lies themselves by naming someone else as the person driving the car or the paperwork is transferred onto criminal groups, at a cost, who write down false names and addresses.

These gangs are absolutely aware that the authorities just have 6 months in order to take action thus the criminals delay the process. Additional problem the police have to deal with is a lack of man power to analyze every case.

A taxi driver, who had previously been caught himself for driving too fast, was instructed by another cab driver on some tips on avoiding the penalty points. The cabbie then started repeating this for other motorists and through a 6 yr period he had assisted more than 150 people to avoid penalty points at a cost of about £200 per driver. The taxi driver was ultimately arrested by authorities and sent to jail for about 18 months. The taxi driver says he still receives phone calls asking him to assist with their speeding tickets for which he now refuses to do.

As well as a new database and better cameras people will find these criminal acts more difficult to carry out.So keep in mind, that when you are driving around the streets of Aldershot, that exceeding the speed limit does not only have severe fines it can put at risk people’s lives.

Trim your Motorcar Insurance by using an In-Car Camera

March 13, 2012

Trim your Motorcar Insurance by using an In-Car Camera

A totally new camera system is available in the market that has been manufactured for your car. This type of new camera notes all that occurs while driving a motor vehicle and retains knowledge about any trip that the driver has had.

The unit has been developed for new young drivers to allow them to go to any sort of insurance provider and substantiate they can drive properly and most importantly, safely. The regular insurance price for the average new driver under 25 is a gigantic £2,300.

The camera is in effect your own eye witness and can confirm why any crashes have come about. These devices is incredibly trustworthy and should go a long way to realize who was liable for any road crashes that might take place. That in turn will make it faster and easier for any pay out, police investigations and insurance losses.

Other benefit to having the camera fixed is it can know if your motor car has been stolen and may assist to expose the thief and take suitable court action.

Another point raised is whether or not the digital camera can record a break in. Put simply can it record no matter if the motor is not running or not. If this device can capture with the engine off, again it will help put someone behind bars and help uncover what has been taken.

The cameras cost around £300. When you consider the massive cost of insurance, the cost of the device only boosts the hefty costs. The cost of the equipment also includes a high viz jacket, a red warning triangle and a hazard warning light. Those extras are something all drivers ought to have but very little do. There may even be a cost to install the specialist camera inside your vehicle and is specially designed to not be a hindrance to the driver.

The camera needs to be seen as an investment. When it’s fitted in the car it would stay there all through the time you own the vehicle. Therefore throughout ownership the price paid for it will end up as a modest yearly cost. In addition to the saving on motor insurance, the equipment may become a terrific money saver.

Driving lessons in Aldershot by All Ways School of Motoring

March 12, 2012

All Ways School of Motoring in Aldershot

Driving Lessons Aldershot from All Ways School of Motoring. Call 07932 589423 for more details. The driving school is run by an independent driving instructor, Peta Taylor, based in Aldershot. I have been providing driving lessons for 17 years. I am committed to training novice drivers to achieve a first time pass and to continue to drive safely for life. I especially enjoy taking nervous pupils and helping them overcome their fears and to achieve their dreams. My lessons are tailored to suit the individual, and everyone learns at their own pace. I cover Aldershot, Ewshot, Crondall, Farnham, Farnborough, Church Crookham, Ash, Ash Green, Fleet, Normandy, Frimley Green, Dippenhall, Frimley, Bentley, Tongham, Lower Bourne, Heath End, Mytchett, Elstead, Badshot Lea and Weybourne.

I am a member of 3 Counties Professional Driving Instructors Association, and regularly undertake CPD courses, the most recent being in coaching techniques.

I offer one to one tuition, on hourly or two hourly lessons. Discounts are available for 5 hour and 10 hour block bookings.

I am a registered Pass Plus instructor and also registered for the Hampshire County Council Pass Plus Scheme.

I also provide lessons in motorway driving. Motorway driving is not something you can do as a learner. As a result many people have never mastered the skills needed to drive on the countries fastest roads. The thought of it for some people can be scary and as a result many people avoid driving on the motorway at all costs. With gentle guidance from myself I can build your confidence to allow you to master the skills needed.

Refresher lessons are available for any one that hasn’t driven in a while. You may be feeling nervous about getting behind the wheel again after a long absence. These refresher lessons can be taken at your pace. Your biggest fear may be driving to the local supermarket, parking the car and then driving home again. The lessons can be customised to your requirements.

I can also provide courses to 15 to 17 year olds through 3 Counties to allow youngsters an experience of driving before they are allowed on the roads.

All lessons are conducted in a clean modern dual controlled car and as a DSA registered instructor I have been CRB checked. A Site 2 help U 2pass your Driving Test.
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