Belt Up in The Back

Child seats have been compulsory for many years now. However one woman found to her horror that she wasn’t able to fit 3 child seats in the back of her family car. Luckily she’s discovered a devise that has solved her problem.
“On New Year’s Eve I opened my front door to find my husband emerging from a vehicle that was more sporty than workhorse. The kind of car that he had dreamed about every time he got into our trusted but unfashionable MPV. It was an Audi estate, beautiful even to my untrained eye. He assured me that it was ‘a good deal, buying it before the year end got us two free services’, my eyes glanced over the car. ‘It looks a bit narrow. Will all of us fit in?’
Unfortunately for my husband, we didn’t. He had banked on the fact that 3 booster seats would fit all three boys safely and legally into the back.
No amount of shopping around for booster seats and trying to squeeze them in as tight as possible would do it for us. We appeared to have a car that was perfect for a family of four.
A look online revealed that many parents had the same issue. Cars that happily seat five adults don’t seem to cope with two adults and three young children, which means families of 3 or more children are pushed towards people carriers and sport utility vehicles.
I didn’t like the idea of driving around in a Chelsea tractor. People carriers send the message that we were looking to expand our family or carrying a football team around.
Apparently French and Scandinavian families are more likely to have three or more children. Therefore cars from these countries are usually designed to allow for this.
Finally, after ages looking online, I discovered Multimac which is a bench-like system of either three or four child seats, that can be bolted into the car. They have five-point harnesses and all the required safety approval.
The invention was inspired by one man’s desire to get his own four children into a normal sized car. It took 13 years before he was finally able to sell the Multimac 2008. With one of these devises, it is possible to fit three children into the back of something as small as a Fiat 500. Incredibly four children into a Ford Fiesta. There is a rear facing attachment for babies, which may mean a big saving for families with a growing family.”

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