Ban High Heels When Driving

Experts want to put a stop to females who wear high heel shoes when driving. The charity for safer driving “Brake” is arguing for a total ban on platforms, wedges and stilettos. I’m wondering precisely how this will be recieved on lessons with my female students around Aldershot?

The charity stated that the trend of wearing the highest of high heels may lead to considerable accidents and advised motorists to stop the absuridity. There’s a concern that quite a few female drivers have such little regard for their and other people’s lives. Driving a car is one area that has got to be taken seriously.

A survey learned that close to 37 Percent of females drive in high heel shoes. In addition, it found that around 35% of female motorists like to drive in a pair of flip flops with about 15% preferring to drive in their bare feet. 20 Percent revealed that they’re happy to drive in their slippers and merely 34% declared that they only drive in prudent footwear.

It is not just the ladies who are required to check out their driving attire. 20% of male motorists would drive in bear feet, 10 Percent drive in slippers and 29 Percent of men are happy to drive a car in flip flops. Very good news though is 51% declare that they normally don good shoes or trainers.

It is suggested that you should keep a pair of good shoes in the boot of the vehicle at all times. If you wouldn’t wear a particular form of shoe for the car driving test then you definately should not put it on for your everyday driving.

Even more incredible is that 11 Percent of female drivers drive even when they apply make-up and 14% of males shave while motoring. It’s so simple to see your car as your office or bathroom but bear in mind it takes merely a lapse of attention for an accident to occur.

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